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Wollongong Environment Network 
Pope Francis: A Christian who does not protect creation ‘does not care about the work of God’ Feb. 2015

The Wollongong Environment Network is an initiative of the Catholic Education Office that aims to support school communities implement environmental stewardship and sustainability.  The WEN is a strategic attempt to help the Catholic Education Office and diocesan schools address the challenge put forth from Thomas Berry OP, 

“All human institutions, professions, programs and activities must now be judged by the extent to which they inhibit, ignore, or foster a human and Earth relationship.”

The WEN is a response to our call as Christians to “realise that responsibility within creation and our duty towards nature and the Creator, are an essential part of our faith.”         

Pope John Paul II 1990 New Year Message

Overview of WEN

          The WEN is voluntary for each school to attend, but it is hoped that each school has a sustainability contact.

          The WEN meets regularly and is facilitated by the CEO, specifically the CLEM Team with leading teachers in schools taking on various responsibilities as needs arise. 

          The WEN links into Catholic Earthcare, the Catholic Sustainable Schools Network (CSSN) and shares ideas from other Catholic Dioceses in NSW.

          WEN members will share current research and educational programs to be implemented across schools. 

          Leading teachers within WEN will mentor other staff members in implementing sustainability in their own schools. 

          The WEN will link “like schools” together for school visits and professional development.

          The WEN will lead members in the process of collating a School Environment Management Plan (SEMP).

          The WEN will provide information on various grants that are available through government and other agencies.

          The WEN will provide teachers with information about NGOs involved in sustainability, environment and climate change, for example the ERC.

          WEN aims to build capacity in schools to ensure the longevity and sustainability of environmental projects. 

          Above all WEN aims to promote that environmental measures are not separate or additional measures in schools. Environmental Stewardship is an overarching theme and it is not to be seen as “something else”

 “Let us be ‘protectors’ of creation, protectors of God’s plan inscribed in nature, protectors of one another and of the environment" Pope Francis 2013


 Shared Documents

Folder: Australian Association Environmental Education
Folder: Church's Voice
Folder: Climate Change
Folder: Curriculum Support
Folder: Eco Schools
Folder: Ecological Articles
Folder: Enhance Newsletters
Folder: Laudato Si - Our Common Home
Folder: NENA Newsletters
Folder: Prayer and Liturgy
Folder: Professional Development Opportunities
Folder: SEMP - School Environment Management Plan
Folder: Terracycle
Folder: WEN Logo
Folder: WEN Meeting Agendas
Carbon Fast Calendar 2014.pdf
Earth Hour 1.pdf
greening christmas copy.key
WEN School Contacts 2015.docx


Shoalhaven Schools Spirituality Day

A significant formation experience for the three Shoalhaven Schools (St Michael’s Nowra, St Mary’s Star of the Sea Milton and St John the Evangelist Nowra) around the theme “Called to Ecological Conversion – A Change of Heart” was held at the UOW Shoalhaven Campus on Friday 27 June 2014.
Animating from the Wollongong Environment Network (WEN), the Spirituality Day was designed to provide a rich opportunity to engage, inspire and affirm participants in living and leading ecological themes in their Catholic School communities.
 Facilitated by members of the three Shoalhaven School communities, the CLARE Team, and members of RELS and SSP Teams at the CEO, the day included a keynote address from Dr Charles Rue, a Sydney-based priest of the Columban Missionary Society, workshops, school conversation forums and Mass.

 Resource - The Awesome Cosmic Story                  

An interactive, educational program which explores the creation of our universe, and the world as we know it, through an inspirational blend of theology and science. It is an exciting resource developed for the purpose of sharing the story of the universe in a contemporary way with Christians young and old. Can be accessed through Catholic Earthcare website. For more details email

Useful Links 


Inspirational Youtube Clips

NASA's Earth Minute: Earth Has A Fever                     
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What A Wonderful World             

Amazing Starlings - The Flight of Birds

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